marți, 21 iulie 2009


she spills the cup with dreams and wakes up
birds are flying far away
and some paper mill disturbs the perfect silence in her perfect morning

it's in those drops of rain and in that enlightening fog

it's in the lime greenish spring grass
and in the sigh that fills the wind
and in the water that shines the sunset away
and in that boat that takes my thoughts across the bridge
an uneven pass
in that blink of eyes that loses the game
and in that fish that scares your favorite tenor frog
and in the colors that imagine rainbows everywhere you look
and in the hand that holds it all

i live in a postcard
i love to live in a glossy print
to hide in one moment that means nothing
but it keeps me alive

i live in a photograph that I could never take

where do you live?

vineri, 10 iulie 2009


Aşa cum vezi. Aşa cum simţi. Aşa cum înţelegi.
Totul e instantaneu. Apoi urmează un lung moment de reculegere pregătind un nou instantaneu.